3 Plant Hanger Hacks: What to do When You Can't Drill into Your Ceiling

Are you an apartment dweller like me? If so, you probably don't have the luxury of drilling as many holes into your walls and ceilings as you might like. How many times have you looked on Pintrest and found all these awesome interiors with hanging plants and just swoon at the fantasy? Yeah me too! 

I even made my fiancé try hanging a plant hanger from the ceiling with a butterfly clip, because I just HAD to try. And it failed. I didn't want to give up on the dream, so I did not let the dream die. I instead came up with 3 solutions for mine and possibly your dilemma, so we can all have that amazing interior space covered with plants too!

#1: The Maggie Plant Hanger

My first thought was to just design a plant hanger that could simply hang off a nail or hook on the wall. So easy! 

The Maggie Plant Hanger is perfect for small to medium sized pots and sits flush with the wall - right next to that favorite card from your family you just had to frame. 

* The more sturdy the nail or hook, the better it will hold. If you are hanging a tiny pot like the one above, a regular nail should do the trick!


#2: Utilize those Blinds 

Sounds simple, and maybe a little scary to some of you. But it's the EASIEST way to just get it hung. Grab an S- hook (mine are from Target), adjust your blinds to the desired spot and hang. 

Do be careful that you aren't hanging a super heavy pot when using this method. We don't need to bring the blinds down! And of course be sure you test the weight before leaving it to crash down on your favorite pet. Ouch!

How good does that look? Almost like you have it hung from the ceiling, right?


#3: Rack It Up!

This may not be the easiest way, but if you have space, this is sure to make a big impact!

Set up a rack in front of a window in your home (this one is from IKEA). Grab S-hooks used from tip #2 and set up a few plants of varying sizes along the rack. 


 I use different plant hanger designs and different sized pots to get a nice variety on the rack. How cute is that? All can be found on this very website!



Let me let you in on a tiny little secret that makes all of this even easier..... I use fake plants ALL THE TIME! Don't get me wrong. I love real plants and I have a fair share inside the apartment. But when using a plant hanger, I find that some plants get damaged with the constant removal when watering. 

Fake plants are also great for those who do not have great light in their apartment or house where you may want the look of a plant to be. We've gotten some amazing ones at Target and World Market that look pretty darn good!


Do me a favor and check out my plant hanger designs and if you decide to try any of these methods send along a photo!